Bird Dogs

Help Us Locate Vacate/Abandoned Houses


ALT Homes is also committed to preserving the integrity and viability of our neighborhoods, not only by preventing distressed owners from abandoning their homes, but also by purchasing vacate houses.

Sounds like the government's neighborhood revitalization program doesn't it?  Well, those funds are only available to non-profit organizations and are a paperwork nightmare. 

We simplify the process by engaging "bird dogs" to assist in locating these homes.  These houses are often a blight on the neighborhood and may appear unkempt, in obvious need of repairs, and have overgrown, untended landscape.  These properties will not have real estate signs, lock boxes or other evidence the property is currently listed with a real estate agent.  

After identifying possibly abandoned houses, we use our resources to locate the owner and present a fair cash offer for their property.  No government red-tape, hoops to jump through, or complicated financing.

If you would like to earn extra cash just for finding and uploading pictures of vacant houses in your neighborhood, please visit our website: